Organic Rosehip Oil by Cascadia Skincare. Rosehips are fully packed with Vitamin C plus many other antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for treating dark spots, aging spots, and hyper pigmentation. Absorbs instantly allowing the skin to breath as it works.
Organic Rosehip Oil
Organic Rosehip Oil

Organic Rosehip Oil

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Rosehips are fully packed with Vitamin C plus many other antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals for treating dark spots, and hyper pigmentation. This unique oil feeds the skin vital nutrients to promote radiant, healthy looking skin. More reasons to love rosehip oil:

  • Absorbs instantly allowing the skin to breath as it works
  • Vitamin A to promote healthy skin cell rejuvenation
  • EFAs to protect cell membranes
  • Lycopene a powerful antioxidant for aging gracefully 
  • Beta Carotene an antioxidant which may help our skin resist UV radiation from the sun

Use evening and morning by massaging into face, neck, and areas of concern. 

Ingredients: Rosa Canina (Organic Rosehip) Seed Oil

Contents: 2 oz / 50 mL

Winter and dry season skin tip for extra dry and aging skins: Add a few drops of our Organic Rosehip Oil with your Liposomes Daily Moisturizer for an all-over deeper penetration of moisture, and balance for your skin in harsher weather conditions.

Our goat at Cascadia Skincare is to assist you in achieving and maintaining glowing radiant skin while supporting the inner harmony of your bodily systems. We create skincare from a wholistic approach. What does this mean exactly? We are dedicated and have been for over three decades to creating skincare products that are each formulated with a synergistic blend of whole plant extracts that deeply nourish our skin while supporting our inner well-being. Our products are lovingly handmade in British Columbia in micro batches to ensure your skin feeds from each plant extract when the plants are most active and deeply nourishing for your skin - just like eating a ripe fruit or vegetable directly from the garden. When you purchase from us, you are guaranteed to receive skincare created with ingredients that are ethically sourced, sustainable, and cruelty free. We solely test on our friends, family, and sometimes customers themselves. Over 30 years of devotion to wholistic skincare have resulted in this wide array of skin remedies that are so valued by our customers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Very moisturizing

I really enjoy using this Organic Rosehip Oil as it is really great to keep my skin moisturized. I use it most on my hands and face. I have loved all the Cascadia products I have triedover the last number of years, which is quite a few.

Thank You

Thank you for all that you do to make such wonderful products. We have used many of your products over the years and continue to. We enjoy your products so much that we gift and share them as well as your catalogue with friends and family.

Nancy R.
Relief in a bottle

I have extremely reactive skin with rosacea. Cascadia's Organic Rosehip Oil soothes, calms and moisturizes my skin without any irritation or flare ups. I have tried several oil serums and find single ingredient oils are best for my skin. The Organic Rosehip Oil is definitely a keeper amd is the only moisturizer I will put on my skin. 💕

Rosemary oil

Great oil that helps those aging spots keeps my roasea in check.

Cathy M.
Great product!!

This is the best for night time, hot dry summer weather, and when you are starting to use heat the other times of the year. In other words, I use it every day and love how it makes my skin look.

Heather F.
Amazing oil!

I've been using the oil on my face at night. My skin looks amazing and nourished.

Nancy R.
Radiance in a bottle

Cascadia's rosehip oil is a real gem for the skin. I have extremely reactive skin with rosacea and after a week of using this oil, my skin has calmed down immensely. I will always have some flusing however, since I have added the rosehip oil along with the lipisome moisturizer, my skin reacts less frequently and my flare ups are minimized!
💕💕💕 Cascadia's skin care.

Cathy B.
Excellent night oil

Love the product but would have liked the eye dropper from days past instead of the pump. The pump gets a bit messy and wastes some of the valuable product.

Heidi M.
Hydrating without an oily residue!

Not what you think! Soaks into your skin and provides a great base for your day moisturizer. No oily feeling at all!

Annette C.

I have tried many products over the years and this is amazing stuff. I love it for both day and night:)

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