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Our Story

Three Generations of Apothecary Goodness

Francine’s journey with Cascadia Skincare began more than a decade ago as she decided to move on from her career in the beauty industry as an aesthetician. ‘There was just too many unknown and toxic ingredients involved in what it seemed like all the highly recognized and utilized beauty brands.’ She moved on from her career to live a cleaner lifestyle. Coming back from an in depth yoga teacher training at an Ayurvedic retreat centre in Southern India transformed her perspective of health, well-being, and lifestyle. It was clear to her from that point onward, what you expose yourself to becomes a part of your whole, whether it be the environment you live in, the food you ingest, or the beauty products you apply on your skin.

Joel Morassutti who was born on a small farm and vineyard in the South of France, observed his mère and grand-mère making soap the old fashioned way. The family tradition of an at-home apothecary goes back many generations. On the farm and vineyard, as each season arrived, the botanicals would be harvested and transformed into self-nourishing, healing preparations such as soaps, remedies, infusions, and teas. This tradition made its way to the Cascadia region as Joel’s family immigrated in the early 1960s and sometime after Joel, with his wife Maureen, birthed Cascadia Skincare on the lush, beautiful land of British Columbia, Canada.

The family’s apothecary has been providing clean, plant-based soaps and skincare remedies in North America and beyond for more than 30 years. Francine took the reins almost a decade ago and she is proud to continue this Southern French lineage of the Morassutti family by continuing to formulate and create natural health and skincare remedies with only the purest quality ingredients our Mother Nature has to offer.

We come from the earth,
we return to the earth,
and in between we garden.
~Alfred Austin