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Skincare Sampler Kit by The Cascadia Soap Co.

Complete Skincare Travel Kit

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Includes: Manuka Honey Cleanser, Lift Face Serum, and Rejuvenating Eye Cream with your choice of Liposomes Daily Moisturizer or Ultra Rich Whipped Shea Butter Cream. Please indicate your choice in the section above.

Step 1:
Evening, cleanse thoroughly with Manuka Honey Cleanser, lather up on your hands or a soft cotton face cloth.

Step 2:
Morning and or evening, put a small amount of your Lift Serum in the palm of your hand. Using the ring finger of the other hand, apply a generous amount to the critical areas of your complexion. Using gentle upward strokes, apply the rest to neck and remainder of your face. 

Step 3:
Morning and or evening, using your ring finger (the weakest one) dab Rejuvenating Eye Cream under your eye, just above the cheek bone to the corner of your eye and above your eye just below the brow. Also apply above your upper lip and to the sides of your mouth aka laugh lines. 

Step 4:
Morning and evening, apply Liposomes Daily Moisturizer or Ultra Rich Whipped Shea Butter Cream to your neck and face, using gentle upward strokes.

Always cleanse at night, your skin will thank you!

Cruelty-Free Sustainable
Cruelty-Free & Sustainable

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Best kit!

I absolutely love the products at Cascadia. I’m so happy with all of the products. The whole line feels great on my skin, it keeps my sensitive skin balanced, and I’m in love with the smell (particularly the serum). My skin feels great since using Cascadia products, and I keep buying and trying more!! I’m so impressed with how well it works for me. And I love that it’s local and all natural. 10/10, highly recommend.

Jury still out

On my second order of the sampler. Love the consistency & smell but not sure if it is making any noticeable difference in how my skin feels or looks. But then does any product.

JJ Pawson
Sampler kit

I like the liposome moisturizer & the eye cream. I have used the soap for years & like it too. Not sure about the serum. It feels quite tight on the skin but do not feel hydrated with it. But overall, my skin looks good. Will continue with these products for sure.

hydrated with it.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for providing a sampler kit. I'm new to actually taking care of my skin and was nervous to invest too much (and to have to pick between products) so this was a great jumping off point (I especially appreciate the instructions!).

Love all the products, have noticed a difference in my skin (looks and feels soooo much better) and am definitely ordering the full sizes.

Will keep these mini sizes as a travelling kit. Thanks for making them with screw tops, so I can top them up!

Melanie B.
Love the smell

Just received it today

vickie c.
Love this skincare set

Great Kit. Love all the products. Larger set is already ordered.

Bev W.
Love this skin care!

Feels so light fresh!!


I've been in search of a face care regime that:
A) Is not full of chemicals
B) Helps my skin look great without makeup
C) Does not cost 1/2 my salary.
Finally hit the trifecta with Cascadia!

I have been using the sampler kit for almost 2 months - I wish I took before and after photos! I didn't have severe skin problems, but had some dark spots and some lines appearing.
Most noticeable within the first uses were how the lift serum and eye cream softened my laugh lines like I had a mini face treatment.

I Decided to go makeup-less to run errands the other day and a lady said she loved my makeup- it looks totally natural! Never had I thought I'd receive such a compliment and the lady was wowed when I told her I was actually going "au naturel".

Also, my recent purchase of the hand and body salve blew me away. My feet were so dry, they were cracking. I went home, soaked my feet, used the salve and the next morning they were already softening up. I used it again after a shower and my feet went back to normal!

Thank you Francine for making such wonderful products! xox

Coming back for more..

I’ve had a nasty dry and peeling area on the palm of my left hand for a YEAR and have tried everything. I purchased your Jouvence body bar years ago while on vacation and used it yesterday and it’s the only thing that has helped. I have lots left, but remembered how much I enjoyed your products so I’m coming back for more. Thank you for the relief!!