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Bulk Bar - Bulk Soap - Cascadia Skincare

Bulk Bar

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Our bulk soap offerings are: 

  • Your wisest investment for silky soft skin everyday
  • Handmade, affordable, luxury gifts for your loved ones
  • Almost 1kg of soap per bulk bar 
  • Can be cut to whatever size your heart desires  

Recommended: Cut your entire bulk bar as soon as you receive it. The longer you have your bulk bars sitting they will become harder which is excellent because they last longer, but waiting too long to cut them up may become a bit more challenging. 

Cutting: These bulk bars can be cut up by simply heating up a sharp kitchen knife under hot water and slicing through to whatever soap bar size you'd like. 

Storage: The best way to store your soap is either naked or in a paper bag. Allow the healing aroma to permeate your home! 

Approx. weight: 900 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Natalie Ross
Bulk bar

I love buying the bulk bars, pour hot water over knife and cut into bars! Voila!! Too easy and cheaper to buy this way, I then store in a ziplock lock bag open for a few days to dry out bars. Than seal and store away

Tracy Pederson
Love your bulk bars

My husband and I love your goats milk soap and we always buy the bulk bar and cut the bars ourselves. We still have your bulk bar cutter so it is nice an easy.

Small pieces

We can cut the bulk bar into smaller bars that can be handled better with smaller hands. Lovely aroma, too!

Patti Lacis
Best soap ever

I have been using the Patchouli bulk bar for 10 years now. It is the best soap. Leaves my skin so soft and moisturized. Just love it!

Adam Bellas
Bulk Bar

Our family of 4 all use the Lavender Goat Milk Soap. With the Bulk Bar we don’t have to buy soap often and when we do, we know the source and like that we are supporting a good local business!

Jonathan Dagostino

Bulk Bar

maraliz Fischler
Best deal for the best product!

I have been buying bulk bars for 5 years. I love that I can customize the size depending on my needs. This soap never makes my skin feel stripped or dry, and I really love all the scents they come in. I try to make my bulk purchase for the year and I feel like 2 bulk bars last about 9-10 months for our family of 4 (2 adults, one child, and one teenager).

Carlos Looez
Great soap

Its great! Smells really god and it never irritates my skin

Gretchen Beuttler
Great soap

I really enjoy this soap. I had guests this weekend and they asked about it because they really liked it.

Cynthia Traugott
Honestly, it's the best.

I cut this bar in half and then I have 2 GIANT bars of soap--it feels so luxurious to have a big hunk of this wonderful stuff. The two bars last me a year just for baths and showers. My cousin cuts her bulk bar into many bars. I ran out, so picked up a $35 bar of soap that smelled awful and left a ring around my tub. I LOVE the patchouli scent, which lingers on your skin so you smell great all day. This soap is the best.

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