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Vegan Bulk Bars by Cascadia Skincare
Bulk Bars by The Cascadia Soap Co.

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Our Bulk Soap offerings are: 

  • Your wisest investment for silky soft skin everyday
  • Handmade, affordable, luxury gifts for your loved ones
  • Almost 1kg of soap per bulk bar 
  • Can be cut to whatever size your heart desires  

Recommended: Cut your entire bulk bar as soon as you receive it. The longer you have your bulk bars sitting they will become harder which is excellent because they last longer, but waiting too long to cut them up may become a bit more challenging. 

Cutting: These bulk bars can be cut up by simply heating up a sharp kitchen knife under hot water and slicing through to whatever soap bar size you'd like. 

Storage: The best way to store your soap is either naked or in a paper bag. Allow the healing aroma to permeate your home! 

Approx. weight: 900 g

Cruelty-Free Sustainable
Cruelty-Free & Sustainable

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews

Love the patchouli soap !

Wanda March
I can't live without your soaps.

Wanted to drop you a note and tell you just how much I love Cascadia's soaps. I found your soaps over 25 years ago when I went to the Granville Farmers Market. I have been buying handcrafted soap for years. Once I found Cascadia I discovered nothing can hold a candle to the quality and the craftsmanship that your soaps contain.

When people discover that I'm turning 78 they're always shocked because they believe I look like I'm 58. They asked me how I do it and the only thing I can think of is I'm using Cascadia's handcrafted soaps.

I can't live without your soaps. This is why I always buy them in bulk so that I have them sitting waiting for me to use them. Yes, I never want to run out!

Thanks for making such beautiful soaps and skincare!

Love the Soap

Love the lavender goats milk bulk soap. Can carve out quite a few bars or make them extra thick. Lathers well. Smells great. Love that it’s natural . Francine is great to deal with if there is an issue.

Alana Murray
Great for the skin and super Economical!

Happy to receive my Bulk bar! It's easy to cut up (make sure you do as soon as you unwrap the bar). This is a great soap for sensitive skin and it feels great.

Saida Mat.
Goat milk lavender

It's easy to cut the bulk bar into the pieces of your choice sizes. It's always has been my first choice of soap - very gentle for my sensitive skin. Feels like balm and prevention of exema
.I use it as a shampoo as well. Leaves my hair clean and silky. You don't need any conditioner after.Thank you, Francine. Will try Manuka honey bar, which I got couple of days ago and I am sure that it will become my another favorite.

Caulyne Goodyear
A Happy Cascadia Customer

I have been buying bulk bars from Cascadia for many years now. I’ve tried 3 different bars and have been very pleased with the various scents. The goats milk leaves my skin feeling so nourished. I used to have very dry skin and that changed once I started using Cascadia soaps.

Natalie Ross

Love my soap, was easy to cut

Adam Bellas
The best soap

Our family of 4 hasn’t used any other soap in years. It’s the best.

Alain Vallee

haven’t used any other soap for 20 years and hopefully never will

Brenda Lawrence
These are a great value

I order these two at a time. Got a soap cutter and get 6 full size bars from each loaf. Cut one bar of each flavor in half for hand washing. These have enough oils to keep hands moisturized without using lotion during this time of excess hand washing.
I will keep ordering these!