Bulk Bar - Bulk Soap - Cascadia Skincare
Bulk Bar - Bulk Soap - Cascadia Skincare
Bulk Bar - Bulk Soap - Cascadia Skincare
Bulk Bar - Bulk Soap - Cascadia Skincare
Bulk Bar - Bulk Soap - Cascadia Skincare
Bulk Bar - Bulk Soap - Cascadia Skincare
Bulk Bar - Bulk Soap - Cascadia Skincare

Bulk Bar

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Our bulk soap offerings are: 

  • Your wisest investment for silky soft skin everyday
  • Handmade, affordable, luxury gifts for your loved ones
  • Almost 1kg of soap per bulk bar 
  • Can be cut to whatever size your heart desires  

Recommended: Cut your entire bulk bar as soon as you receive it. The longer you have your bulk bars sitting they will become harder which is excellent because they last longer, but waiting too long to cut them up may become a bit more challenging. 

Cutting: These bulk bars can be cut up by simply heating up a sharp kitchen knife under hot water and slicing through to whatever soap bar size you'd like. Please note that unless you choose the “pre-cut” option, we do not offer cutting service on bulk bar bricks. 

Storage: The best way to store your soap is either naked or in a paper bag. Allow the healing aroma to permeate your home! 

Approx. weight: 900 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Bea Anderson
Best Soap

This soap is easy to cut, wrap and use. I love how clean it makes me feel after a shower. There are no harsh chemicals to dry the skin. Wrapping it in parchment paper makes it easy to grab a new bar when needed, or to gift to someone!

Eileen Plunkett
Lavender heaven

I love the aroma and it is so silky smooth when it lathers up and gentle on my skin. Love it!

Marcia Felce

Bought these soaps on our first trip to Vancouver around 11 years ago & have continued using ever since. This is the best soap my husband & I have ever used. The first time we we bought it I thought it was pretty expensive, but after I saw how long a bar lasted & how soft my skin was after using it, that was all the proof I needed to make me a believer. This is the only soap we have used since our first purchase & nothing will change our minds. I tell all our friends & family about it & now our son has stopped using shaving cream & only uses Decadence soap for when he shaves. I’ve given the Lavender soap as gifts to friends & family members, they all loved it.
As long as Cascadia is in business, we will be one of their best customers!

Judith Wornell

Been with you for YEARS


Love this soap. People ask me what scent I’m wearing—nothing, but this soap smells wonderful and the scent lingers on my skin.

Penelope Stewart
Love the large size!

My husband is visually impaired and loves to have the option of a jumbo sized bar that is easily located. 😀

Robert Smith
Fantastic Deal - Great Soap

I have using Cascadia soap from since 2002 and because I live in Seattle it’s not always convenient to travel to Grandville Island or the old Owners residence in White Rock to pick it up from her . Then Covid hit and the border was closed the only way for me to get my fix was though the mail . So now I regularly order 4 to 5 bricks which last me 1 year or more . I will be moving to Las Vegas NV and will continue to order as These are a great value and I will continue to use Cascadia soap until the throw dirt on top of me …. Gee , I wonder if I can still order it upstairs ? lol … Cheers to a great company !

Thank you so much for your support over the years! Our soap will follow you into the deserts!

Sheila Landrigan

The Cascadia goat milk soap saved my delicate skin! It’s the only soap I’ve used for the past decade. I love supporting your local business.

Martine Dubuc
Best wash for your buck :)

We have been using the goat milk soap for about 20 years now. The bulk bars have been great. We usually buy 3, cut them up (very easy to do) and then having a seemingly endless supply of fabulous soap. They are a good value and you can cut them to whatever size you desire. We aim for about 10 bars out of the soap brick.

Michelle Sweet
The only soap I use!

My hands are problematic at the best of times. My mom says I have "cheap skin" but the doctor says it's eczema and contact dermatitis...plus, if I have cheap skin, I inherited it from somewhere...anyway, the only soap that keeps my various skin conditions under control is the goatmilk with lavender soap from Cascadia. I've been using it for years now and the best way to buy it is in bulk (when you go through it as quickly as I do, it's more cost effective) but the individual soaps are lovely too! Thank you for making a product that helps heal my "cheap skin"!