Vegan Bulk Soap Bars by Cascadia Skincare
Bulk Soap Bars by Cascadia Skincare

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Our Bulk Soap offerings are: 

  • Your wisest investment for silky soft skin everyday
  • Handmade, affordable, luxury gifts for your loved ones
  • Almost 1kg of soap per bulk bar 
  • Can be cut to whatever size your heart desires  

Recommended: Cut your entire bulk bar as soon as you receive it. The longer you have your bulk bars sitting they will become harder which is excellent because they last longer, but waiting too long to cut them up may become a bit more challenging. 

Cutting: These bulk bars can be cut up by simply heating up a sharp kitchen knife under hot water and slicing through to whatever soap bar size you'd like. 

Storage: The best way to store your soap is either naked or in a paper bag. Allow the healing aroma to permeate your home! 

Approx. weight: 900 g

Our goal at Cascadia Skincare is to assist you in achieving and maintaining glowing radiant skin while supporting the inner harmony of your bodily systems. We help you glow naturally. What does this mean exactly? We are dedicated and have been for over three decades to creating skincare products that are each formulated with a synergistic blend of whole plant extracts that deeply nourish our skin while supporting our inner wealth. Our products are lovingly handmade in British Columbia in micro batches to ensure your skin feeds from each plant extract when the plants are most active and deeply nourishing for your skin - just like eating a ripe fruit or vegetable directly from the garden. When you purchase from us, you are guaranteed to receive skincare created with ingredients that are ethically sourced, sustainable, and cruelty free. We solely test on our friends, family, and sometimes customers themselves. Over 30 years of devotion to formulating holistic skincare have resulted in this wide array of skin remedies that are so valued by our customers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Murray F.

It’s been over 20 years since I discovered patchouli soap at the Granville market in Vancouver. I get stressed out when I get low on it and have to reorder or make a trip to Vancouver to stock up. I love the fragrance and guality of this soap and will probably never use anything else. Occasionally I will order some products for my wife ,or Christmas gifts etc. All of the products that I’ve ordered have been wonderful.

Terri Cummins

Love your soaps.

Bill soap lover
Wonderful soap!

I became hooked on goat milk soap after finding it at Grandville Island many years ago! I have very dry skin and it really helps keep my skin at its best .

Brian Smith

I love your soaps. Have been using for many years and will continue to do so.

Bridget Rothery
Love Bulk Bars

I have been buying Lavender Goats Milk bars for probably close to 20 years or whenever the Cascadia company was in its early days!
It’s all I use. My daughter who has eczema uses them all the time too and they are fine for her skin.
Since leaving the lower mainland I now have them shipped to me. I love the bulk bars.

The best soap!

My husband and I love this soap (spring blossom). Went through a phase where we tried a ton of different kinds and this one came out on top! Love the little poppy seeds in it, doesn’t have an overpowering smell and amazing that’s it’s vegan! Would recommend

Suraya Ahmed

Love being able to decide on the size

abigail hart

Bulk Bar

The perfect soap.

I’ve been using Cascadias lavender goat milk soap daily for probably 18 years now, which is as strong an endorsement as I can give to any product.

The bulk bars are good if you want flexibility on bar size for different uses (shower, counter etc)

Great soap is one of life’s affordable luxuries.

Susan Kerr
Love Bulk Bars💕

Easy and convenient!! I cut the bars when I receive them. They make perfect closet fresheners until it’s time for their real use!

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