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I absolutely adore the smell of Decadence, it’s such a beautiful calming scent. It’s pretty much my go to perfume now.

I've also bought the lavender roll on in the past for friends and they rave about it. I will definitely continue to buy them as gifts.

exciting to use it every morning in the shower!

This is another soap that is mild on the body and lathers very well. It’s a big size soap which means its equal to 3 regular soaps! The scent is like a breeze of cool roses and its exciting to use it every morning in the shower!

Its a chunk size soap which lasts longer than other soaps

First of the scent of this soap is amazing and has a good lather. Its a chunk size soap which lasts longer than other soaps. The aroma of the soap is a mix of sweet florals and is gentle on the skin!

This is a buttery, rich body butter bar

This is a buttery, rich body butter bar which when massaged on to the body and feet and even hands, keeps the body soft and supple! The moisturizing body butter bar glides well on the body and provides that instant moisturizing feeling especially if you use it right after showering!

This is a magic bar!

This is a magic bar! We tried the “Arnica Muscle & Joint Massage Bar” for the neck, calves, lower back and shoulder pain. And at all times this product works efficiently! Within a few minutes the pain vanishes and the muscles gets relaxed and you don’t feel any discomfort at all. That’s why we call is the magic bar, and it works like magic!

this cream is a life saver!

This is a thick and very strong moisturizing cream. If you feel you are really dry, then this cream is a healing cream. Especially in the winter, when the skin is dry due to the weather, this cream is a life saver!

helps in healing the skin!

This Organic Rosehip Oil is very helpful when you finish a facial as it helps in healing the skin! This can be used on any skin type and overall provides all the benefits of Rosehip Oil!

A few drops go a long way

This is a very good skin oil. A few drops go a long way and to incorporate it in your daily moisturizer is a good idea as it helps with smoothing the fine lines. We tried it with and without the moisturizer and felt that adding a few drops to the moisturizer really helped.

This is a must have!

This is an amazing serum to have, as it gives you all the natural ingredients for moisture locking, hydration, as well as firmness and smoothing any lines on the face. This is a must have as it gets quickly absorbed and helps the skin with all the natural ingredients.

Lift Face Serum
Genesta Boroski
Love it!

Love this product. Have tried a few and haven’t been sold on any until I found this one. I great addition to the daily moisturizer!

Great soap

I bought the manuka honey cleanser after being frustrated with various facial cleansers that never seemed to work out for my skin. It doesn’t dry out my skin and helps keep imperfections at bay. I am pleasantly surprised and happy that I bought multiple bars.

Bulk Bar
Freda K.
Peppermint & Tea Tree

“Smells heavenly, leaves your skin nourished and feeling tingling. So natural, so smooth!!”

THANK YOU for making this beautiful soap, Francine!! :)

Light, soothing and moisturizing, but

‘Great product, dispenser needs some tweaking’. Can’t agree more.

Liposomes Daily Moisturizer
Kathleen Turnwald
Great product, dispenser needs some tweaking

As a 50 yo with Rosacea, I love this product. It is very mild and along with some jojoba oil really hydrates my sensitive face nicely. I do wish the dispenser did a better job of dispensing all of the product instead of me having to take the plunger out and dab it on my hand when it gets to the bottom of the bottle.

Good stuff!

It feels so nourishing and definitely helps keep the wrinkles at bay :)

Shea Butter Soap
Brenda Lawrence
Love this soap!

Light scent and silky smooth skin.

Manuka Honey Cleanser

Absolutely love this cleanser. Find it moisturizing especially for sensitive skin and long lasting. One of my Cascadia favorites!


Love this product! I am using it for years

Krista Isberg
Love it. Best soap ever.

Smells wonderful, makes your skin glow.

I love this soap!!! It’s so gentle to the skin , it’s hydrating and it smells amazing !!
Highly recommend it

Simply goat’s milk

I like simplicity when the basics are in place. This goat’s milk bar has all the benefits of goats milk, a light clean scent with no added fragrance (or fragrance if you choose).and can easily be the bar does both your face and body. It’s affordable luxury, especially in bulk.

luxurious experience

Cascadia soaps are my choice for enjoying a luxurious experience of relaxation, cleanliness, and natural fragrance. They are ideal for travel allowing me to have my home away from home.

Manuka Honey Cleanser
Francesca Fung
I love the Manuka Honey Soap

Smells divine. Soft lather. Beautiful ingredients. Love EVERYTHING about it. New favourite! Can't decide between this and Decadence as my go-to soap...

The bar with it all!

If your like me and really enjoy the moisture that a goat milk bar provides as well as goat milk’s natural exfoliating capacity but still want the feel of a light mechanical exfoliation, this is the bar that provides it all plus the the benefits of oatmeal and the relaxation that accompanies lavender.

Rejuvenating Eye Cream