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Hand and Body Salve

This salve is fantastic! I live in Mexico, where the air is dry and consequently, my skin is dryer here. I actually use the salve on my face as a night cream as well as for dry spots on my legs. Love, love, love this salve and the scent is really lovely. Thank you Cascadia!

Peppermint & Tea Tree
Eleanor Hannan
Love the Peppermint Tea tree soap

I have to say this soap is one of my Cascadia favs - I have used almost all Cascadia soaps over the last at least a dozen years, its the only soap I buy.

Arnica salve

Arnica helps arthritis pain in hands

Bulk Bar
The perfect soap.

I’ve been using Cascadias lavender goat milk soap daily for probably 18 years now, which is as strong an endorsement as I can give to any product.

The bulk bars are good if you want flexibility on bar size for different uses (shower, counter etc)

Great soap is one of life’s affordable luxuries.

Bulk Bar
Susan Kerr
Love Bulk Bars💕

Easy and convenient!! I cut the bars when I receive them. They make perfect closet fresheners until it’s time for their real use!

Great face cream

Light and covering. Love the feel. It dries fast and apply well.

Wonderful product!

This salve has really saved my hands! I use it year round to keep my hands hydrated and soft, and to help keep the dermatitis away, plus it works great on dry heels too. I love how this salve feels when using it, like it's melting into your skin without the greasy feel, and it smells nice too!

Decadent Decadence!

The name of this soap says it all! It is truly decadent with the luxurious lather and amazing scent, and I love how it makes my skin feel and smell after showering! All of the Cascadia soaps I've tried are wonderful, luxurious and make my skin feel great, but I think Decadence is my favourite!

Luxury soap!

This is a lovely and long lasting bar of soap! It has a fresh, light scent, and the lather feels rich and luxurious. My skin feel clean and wonderful after using this and its great to shave with too!

Best deodorant ever!

No need to look further for a better deodorant, this is it and it's natural too! It's easy to apply and keeps me smelling great during exercise and the heat of summer. The lavender lemon has a lovely fresh scent that stays with me all day. I gave this product 5*'s over a year ago and if I could give it more, I would!

Luxury in a jar!

The Ultra Rich Skin Butter is now my new night cream, I love the lightweight, but luxurious feel of this moisturizer and it absorbs quickly with no oily feel! I use it after applying the lift serum and rejuvenating eye cream, plus I sometimes boost it with a drop of Cascadia's rosehip oil when my skin is extra dry. It also smells great too!

I'm hooked!

I started with the 15ml size of this wonderful eye cream and was hooked! After applying Cascadia's Lift Serum, I pat the Eye Cream on my eye area plus other areas on my face where I have lines, and it helps to soften and give them a moisture boost. This product has a nice lightweight, non-greasy feel and a lovely light scent!

A skincare staple!

I've been using the Lift Serum twice daily for over a year now and it is another Cascadia Skincare product that I can't do without! I love the tightening effect it has when I apply it to my face and neck, and my skin feels softer and firmer too! It absorbs quickly and leaves no residue, I also love that this product is natural, is high quality and is locally made!

Can't do without this!

I use the rosehip oil on my face and neck in the morning and at bedtime and mix a drop of it in with my moisturizer. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave an oily residue. My skin is so much softer and smoother with this product! When I didn't bring it along on vacation, I noticed my skin wasn't as smooth! I have a 15ml size bottle of Lift Serum that I will reuse once its empty to make a "travel-sized" bottle for my rosehip oil!

Décadence Forever!

I have bought — at Granville Island and on-line — Décadence soap by Cascadia for almost three decades. It is very healthy; is of high quality; is unusually long-lasting; and, in summary, is of outstanding value. I use Décadence daily to wash and I shave with it, too (I actually first saw it simply ‘whipped’ in a bowl, beside a shaving brush!)… and it’s so versatile that I even use it to wash my hair. I hope always to have Décadence available; I don’t ever want to be without it.

A must have!

This is an amazing product. So easy to use and just a tiny amount makes all the difference. I have tried many other oils, lotions and potions and this is THE best. I apply it before bed and under my moisturizer during the day. No oily feel. You will not be disappointed. Love this company.

It is a harder soap with a pleasant aroma

We use Decadence soap in the kitchen, as it is a harder soap with a pleasant aroma. We appreciate the quality of your products and will continue to support your business.

Makes a huge difference in reducing the dryness of our hands..

We use the Manuka Honey Cleanser in all three bathrooms year round and find that it makes a huge difference in reducing the dryness of our hands, particularly during the prairie winter.

Remarkable product!

I have been using the hand and body salve on my hands and feet for a long time and really couldn't do without it now! I highly recommend it for anyone with dry skin good for those "summer sandal" heels!

Love these soaps!

I have bought these soaps often...they are wonderful! Gently fragrant and gently cleansing! I will definitely continue to use them. They also make lovely gifts!


It’s the best face wash I’ve ever used. Sometimes I tried some brand-name facial cleanser, but always came back to it. I think I’ll keep using it.

Very moisturizing for dry heels etc

I have used the Hand and Body Salve for a long time and find it awesome for dry skin. Then a few years ago I started using the Skin Relief Salve and I love it for when I get out of the shower or bath to use on my feet. I put socks on to keep all that goodness on my feet. It keeps the skin from cracking and feels and smells wonderful.

Goat Milk Soap Bars
Lorna Blake
super-sensitive skin

I bought Cascadia's goat's milk soap for my mother, who had super-sensitive skin. She swore by it and died itch-free at ninety-nine years!

I have been using the Hand & Body Salve for extra dry skin for years.

I have been using the Hand & Body Salve for extra dry skin for years. Whenever possible I rub a match-head size bit of salve into my wet or damp hands to seal in the moisture. That's all it takes!

Best Soap for Dry Skin

I love using the Manuka Honey 🍯 Soap for showering. It keep my skin soft and prevents dry patch's from developing :) Best soap I have ever used. Thank you Cascadia Skincare for making such a beautiful Soap 🍯🐝