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I think the new formula (with shea butter added) is more moisturizing and soothing. Such a natural and luxurious cleanser. More and more people will love it.

Manuka Honey Cleanser

I have bought this cleanser many times, for myself and to gift to others. It is amazingly gentle and has the richest, creamiest lather you can imagine. Beautifully molded, substantially shaped and divinely fragrant with a subtle sweetness. It is a win every time and a worthwhile splurge ❤️

Manuka Honey Cleanser
barbara roemer
Fantastic face wash

I love the Manuka honey cleanser. It doesn’t dry out my skin.

Organic Rosehip Oil
Lorie Raverty

I love this oil. It is light and absorbs so well. I travel a lot so like multipurpose products. This one is always in my bag. If my skin is especially dry or not looking great, I add a small amount to the moisturizer . No greasy, heavy feel. Works great on my hair as well; just a drop. Thank you Cascadia for yet another great product.

A Christmas tradition

I have been giving my friend Patti this soap at Christmas for at least two decades and I’ve seen her happy smile every time she gets it.

Ultra Rich Skin Butter
monika janusz

I was hoping this cream would be heavier and thicker

Hi Monika,

Thank you very much for your feedback! Our Ultra Rich Skin Butter, while rich in skin nutrients such as Vitamin A and C, is not very heavy :) We infused it with Rosehip oil, pretty lightweight oil liquid in room temperature so it may not have the very 'thick' feeling to it. We are constantly evolving our formulas to have the most nourishing products available so any feedback and experience you share with us is super appreciated!

The Cascadia Team

The best!

Smooth and luxurious. Best Goat Milk soap i’ve used by far.

Travel light

I love this perfectly sized travel combo to care for my skin when I go away.
My suitcase AND my face thanks you Cascadia Skincare

The only soap that I use!

My hands are a nightmare. I've have contact dermatitis and eczema for as long as I can remember. My mom calls it "cheap skin" but it has cost me a lot of $$ over the years with various prescriptions and potions. I first found Cascadia at Granville Island and I have been a devoted customer since my first purchase. The goat milk soap with lavender has saved my hands. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Decadence Soap share

I love the scent & my skin loves the goat milk. Its the only soap I use. Occasionally I gift it to special friends. Kate

So far so good

I'm new to this product. It helps my psoriasis area a lot. A few drops help to calm my skin and it stops the itchiness for a couple of hours after I applied on. I plan to repurchase more for my future use.

Love Decadence Soap

I use this bar mainly for shaving. It foams really nice and leaves my skin feeling great !

A decade of Decadence

What I love the most about the scent of it is this, when I hug someone, is when they get the warm aroma of Decadence. I've never been in favour of people who need to have wafting eye watering scents applied to their skin. Because of the natural oils used I've never found any Decadence product overbearing or eyewatering. I am grateful to have found a product that is gentle, uplifting and simply Divine. I deserve it.

French Lavender Scrub
Katie Maxwell
Amazing Soap!

We love the French Lavender scrub!

Shea Butter Soap
Margaret Yakimov
my favourite soap ever

I have been using this soap for more than 15 years and just love it.

Goat Milk Soap Bars
Dave Bolten

I have been hooked on Cascadia goats milk soap for so many years now! Soft and mild and the natural scents never bother me, rather, they are wonderful
Dave B

Manuka Honey Cleanser
Alexa Escobar

I use it for my face and the difference is night and day. I also use it on my body!

Skin Relief Salve
Audrey Campbell
Dry Hunny Man no more

My husband uses this for his dry scalp, hands, and anywhere else where dryness is an issue. Have been using since 2011, formula has changed a little, however still the outstanding results we've come to depend on with Cascadia Products.

Lift Face Serum
Akasha Inglis
Love This Serum!

I've been using this serum now for at least 10 years or more I'd say, I first discovered it at the Filberg Festival in Comox and now just order it online when I run out. It is super hydrating and refreshing, leaves no sticky/oily feeling behind, absorbs almost instantly. Love the smell, feel, way it absorbs in, highly recommend this product! Note about my skin: combination skin (this product works great with my skin type)

Not your average soap bars

Really good!

Goat Milk Soap Bars
Lorraine Aitken
Goat Milk Soap Bars

The best soap ever. I have been using this for years and I love it. Once you've tried it nothing else will do.

Wonderful Produce

I have been using this product for many, many years and it is Wonderful!

I love it. The scent and texture are great.

Decadence is the Best!

We have been using Decadence soap for the past 15 years and are ruined for using anything else. The fragrance and creaminess are heavenly, and the fact that it lasts longer than any other soap is the icing on the cake.
We are moving away to the UK and have been stocking up on Decadence supplies before we go because we can't live without it!

Love it

Great fragrance.