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About Our Products

While each journey to naturally vibrant skin is unique like every one of us, there are some common factors: Healthy skin requires a balance of water and oil, protection from the elements, and a daily routine to be at its best.

Our goal here at Cascadia is to assist you in achieving and maintaining naturally radiant skin, by providing you with locally handmade, organic skincare products. Our products are carefully formulated by combining the most nutritious plant extracts, botanicals, vitamins, and oils for different skin types at various life stages. We bring you traditional and contemporary recipes known to be safe and nourishing for your skin by tuning into the best available wisdom from all over the world, starting from our roots in the South of France, inspired by the ancient science of Ayurveda in India, and using our modern understanding of natural soap making in North America.

When you purchase from us, you are guaranteed to receive a product that is ethically sourced, sustainable, and lovingly handcrafted from Mother Earth’s finest ingredients. We are animal lovers, so we only test on humans (mostly our loved ones!). Rest assured, we are cruelty-free. Over 30 years of research, experience, and feedback have created the wide array of natural skincare remedies that are so valued by our customers.